Why Choose Elders

The face of the property management in Darwin and Palmerston has changed somewhat over the years and as we deal with a seemingly insatiable demand for properties against a back drop of shortage of supply, we can also see that the industry of property management has become exceptionally competitive. At Elders Property Management we understand that in this environment it is our attestable commitment to top drawer service and a desire to obtain trust from all we work with, which has kept us at the top of our field throughout the years.

Indeed we believe it is that trust factor which keeps clients flocking to us. Whether you are a landlord who is interstate, a ‘first time’ landlord living in the next suburb or an experienced property investor with a large property folio, there is always a reason to take the time to make sure you are using a good quality property management service. After all, this is an investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars we are talking about here and as such all aspects need to be attended to professionally and with trust.

That’s where we come in. There are many reasons to use our services. Saving time in our busy lives or a lacking in legislative knowledge are common reasons cited by landlords but whatever the reason, landlords with Elders Property Management will have their desire for ‘peace of mind’ satisfied. We know how to deliver it.

We’ve been in the industry a long time and with that experience we can navigate our landlords through all scenarios that can arise through a tenancy, while keeping them informed at every step of the way. Our communication, clarity and openness, coupled with our extensive knowledge of legislation really does make us the more attractive option.

At the end of the day our landlords know that their property is being looked after and our tenants know that we will attend to their needs in equal measure.

So I shall say it again. TRUST!

It’s not rocket science and perhaps it’s not glamorous but it is most certainly honest and it works!

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